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Landscaping Design

grass in the yard

Vienna Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company that currently offers landscaping design services to clients within Vienna, VA, and other service coverage areas. Landscaping is an incredible setting in the house that makes the entire environment looks unique and beautiful. Our team designs your vision and dream home correctly based on your needs. We begin by planning and analyzing several design options that will fit your home before we execute correctly. Vienna Landscaping design your new home or modernize the design plan of your existing home. We create your landscape from scratch to the end of all kinds of property. All our landscaping designs are very affordable as we help design according to your planned budget. To create a unique landscaping area, we consider;


Knowing Your property

Before embarking on any landscaping design. The type of soil and topography of the site must be identified. This will help know the kind of plans to embark on and know the exact location on the land used for landscaping. Every yard does not have the same amount of sun and shade exposure, and in one way or the other, these factors help the landscaping grow well and maintain its beauty and freshness. The microclimate condition of the environment needs to be analyzed because it helps determine the kind of plants selected for the landscape area. During this process, the topography of the land will be put into consideration so you can plan to install a drainage system within the landscape.


Determine the Style

The style of your landscape also contributes to the appeal and face of your property. If you are handling it yourself or hiring a professional, you need to choose a style that complements the architectural setting of your structure. While determining the style, you need to be realistic as you can because it will also determine the time and effort you will put in the project. The style can be curvy, rounded shape and with a unique color.


The Design Theme

Whatever theme you choose to utilize for your landscape will influence your color selection and overall building style. The client's preferred design theme can be as simple as using consistent shape throughout the yard or complex. The client selects the theme, but the selection decision is highly influenced by the professional landscaper, where he recommends and advises the homeowner on what is better based on the structure. Before you select a theme for your home, you must consider the building's architectural construction and see the possible extension you can make via the landscaping design.


Make the Design Work for You

During the planning process, you have the privilege to determine the type of landscaping design and how the design will help elevate the look of your entire property. The design can be done in several ways that can provide beautiful scenery and many more. The design can be used as a simple way to keep the building's appeal alive and work for your entire home.