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Landscape Maintenance

man trimming the shrubs

At Vienna Landscaping, we provide custom-made landscaping maintenance services that will help maintain your home's distinctive aesthetic. To keep your outdoor space clean and add to your property's value, we ensure we clean up your landscape using the most efficient tools and methods. We aim to satisfy our clients through our dedicated efforts and service results. So, whether a commercial or residential property, we are capable and have the appropriate tools to carry our maintenance activity that suits your home. As a landscape maintenance company in Vienna, VA, we are fully equipped to provide you with reliable and affordable service based on a customized plan. And whatever works for your property, we will do. You can schedule us for your landscape maintenance periodically or occasionally.


Shrub Pruning

If you want your landscape to be best, then pruning the tree and shrubs is one of the perfect approaches. A shrub that is adequately pruned will give your home a decorative and smart appearance. It is expected that if your tree starts falling aside, you should prune them so that new growth can emerge and be in shape as well. If you ignore pruning your shrub, it may cost you more.


Flowers Nurturing

Planting a flower may be easy, but nurturing these flowers to get to a growth stage may be quite tricky. Planting is essential, hence without it, you cannot nurture anything. Most flowering plants need constant monitoring to grow in the right direction and receive the right growth supplies, such as adequate sunlight. The way a flower is nurtured determines the level of its lifespan. Flowers, like other plants, need better and healthy soil to grow fast and strong. The excellent soil feature is a must, and testing the soil frequently will help ease its growth process. You may end up wanting to change the ground or add materials that will improve its nutritional value.



Most grasses grow out of hand and planting areas to walkways or other places in the home that's closer to the landscape or lawn. Mowing will help you keep your plant in shape and help retain your landscape's style and design. Mowing your landscape is a vital landscape maintenance activity, and it can help prevent the spread of disease underneath the soil in your home. If you mow regularly, then it helps smoothen your garden or landscape and decompose clips fast. However, there is no standard time for mowing, but most times, it is to be done once in two weeks so that your outdoor can be kept extremely clean.



To conserve the soil within the landscape area, it is necessary that mulching is done. During the mulching process, the fertility of the earth will improve, and the moisture within the soil will be sustained for further plant growth. This maintenance process help reduces soil loss significantly and also keeps the ground covered form inhibiting weeds. If this activity is done appropriately, the lawn or garden will not require much water. It is a critical factor for landscape maintenance.