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Irrigation Service

water sprinkler on the yard

The landscaping area needs a proper water distribution channel to keep the plants fresh, and an irrigation system will make sure that water never lacks. However, if there is inadequate water within the landscape area, the plants may not survive. Vienna Landscaping is here to help; we help you take care of your outdoor space by offering exceptional irrigation service. We are a licensed irrigator in Vienna, VA; therefore, you are assured of a quality and reliable service whenever you hire us. As a professional irrigation company, we will help you take care of the landscape section within your home and offer a comprehensive maintenance plan for your irrigation system. Through this service, you will enjoy complete peace of mind and derive value for your money because we will ensure your system is perfect.


Manual Irrigation

The different types of irrigation that we adopt is based on how the water is distributed throughout the landscape. As mentioned before, the landscaping area cannot survive if there isn't water supplied to the site regularly. The manual irrigation method is the distribution of water by manual labor across the home's landscaped area. However, this process appears to be crud and extremely labor-intensive. For instance, imagine a manual irrigation approach within a landscape with a large structure size and several plants dwelling on the soil and planting pots. The manual irrigation is better than not having any system on the ground at all.


Sprinkler Irrigation

If the sprinkler method is adopted, it means water will be distributed within the required areas by overhead sprinklers or guns with high pressure. The water comes from a central location and allows hydrating a larger part of the land. Most landscaping companies consider the sprinkler irrigation method as the best option, but it is expensive to install and compare to other approaches that you can quickly adapt. The sprinkler irrigation method is versatile and can be utilized anywhere. With the sprinkler approach, you will instead spend more and save time.


Drip Irrigation

This irrigation method involves the concentration of water near the root of the landscaping plant, and it is believed that this will minimize evaporation and water run-off. As the name implies, the landscaper drips the water gradually into the landscaping area to penetrate the root through this process. The plant root has more needs for hydration, and water is used efficiently to achieve this purpose. This approach is the most efficient irrigation system, and it helps reduces overall weed.


Surface Irrigation

You need to consider the shape and size of the land to carry out this irrigation approach properly. The surface irrigation method is the more comfortable and most affordable anyone can ever imagine. It doesn't require the combination of material and tools or any sophisticated technology; however, it utilizing rainfall to irrigate the landscape areas. Excess water can be channeled to the landscape area; this can drown the plant roots and destroy them in the process.  To select the appropriate approach, the landscaper needs to be aware of the pros & cons related to the approaches.