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Vienna Landscaping

house with front lawn

People admire areas of land that are beautiful, green, and ecologically appealing to the sight. Over the past years, landscaping has become popular, and everything that exists outside the home is a party of landscaping property. Landscaping is an activity that focuses on improving the general look and adds to the existing feature of your property. To engage in landscaping activity, you must have the basic knowledge of plants, flowers, and their direct effect on the environment. You must also know the landscaping feature that you intend to install in your property.

Perhaps, you do not possess any of this fundamental knowledge; then, it is necessary that you hire a professional landscaping architect to help you handle your landscaping project. This is where Vienna Landscaping comes in as an expert in the industry.

About Us

If you are interested in taking your property's external appearance to the next level, then landscaping is the possible solution. As a leading landscaping company, we understand that landscaping professionals' demand is on the high side. Hence, we have invested efforts, time, and resources to ensure we serve all our clients and exceed their expectations. Vienna Landscaping is a premier landscaping company that offers top-notch landscaping services to individuals and business sectors within Vienna, VA, and its surrounding areas. Based on our level of experience, we do not install a landscape by chance. Therefore, we leverage our creative ideas and innovation to ensure our client's dream becomes a reality.

Our Services

The type and landscaping design we install in property depend on the homeowner's size, location, and preference. At Vienna Landscaping, the homeowner has the liberty to select the type of landscaping designs they want for their property. We pay attention to their choice and work effortlessly to ensure they get the exact designs for their outdoor areas after prior consultation and recommendation from our experts. Every landscaping project has its challenge, but we leverage our skills and expertise to overcome any difficulties within our capacity. Vienna Landscaping specializes in delivering quality, sophisticated, and custom-made landscaping solutions as required by the property owner.

landscaping the plants in the garden
Landscaping Design

Vienna Landscaping provides exceptional landscaping design service that is second to know to clients in Vienna, VA. We understand that most homeowners cherish their property and would love to transform their outdoor space to their style and taste. Our landscaping designs are focused on clients who want to enhance the beauty of the external areas in their property. We implement a standard design concept that will display the style and preference of the homeowner. Our team ensures that your outdoor area's landscape design complements the entire property and speaks the language of style and exquisiteness.

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Landscaping Installation

We help you improve and transform the entire look of your home and business into an eye-catching property. Vienna Landscaping has been in the business of installing landscape in different properties regardless of their size and architectural structure. We offer one of the best landscaping installations in Vienna that improve and raise your home's curb by adopting simple installation approaches that meet international standards. Our landscaping installation service also tends to increase your home's value, in case you are looking at selling or leasing.

"My husband was happy because all the plans came to fruition at the end. And the Vienna landscaping team kept to their promises based on the project execution duration. We are glad that they accepted our order, and fulfilled it as promised with affordable pricing." – Monalisa Nadi.

man fixing the water sprinkler
Irrigation Service

At Vienna Landscaping, we provide world-class irrigation service in case you are experiencing leaks, water runoff, and other drainage challenges within your home. We utilize the right tools and equipment to ensure we solve any irrigation project, no matter how difficult it may seem. Also, we are gradually taking steps in developing the most efficient approach to maintaining a lawn within the home to ensure that water doesn't saturate the landscape areas. Before we execute any irrigation solution, our team inspects the environment then evaluates how it can be managed, resolved, and control.

lights in the back yard
Landscape Lighting

It would be best if you illuminated your outdoor areas to get the feel and design of your landscape at night. Vienna Landscaping provides premium landscaping lighting for the outdoor spaces within your home with the primary purpose of enhancing the landscaping design. And the lighting within the landscaping area can serve safety and security purposes. The landscape lighting ensures that the landscape is seen as the center of attraction within the home's exterior. Our landscaping expert has the skills and required knowledge to fix the landscape lighting as it pleases the homeowner and serves its functional purpose.

"For weeks, I tried to fix my drainage because there is a water overflow, and it is affecting my landscape area. My neighbor, Nel, help me call these guys, and within 5hours, the irrigation was fixed just as I expected. Thumbs up!" – Martins Kirk.

maintaining the grass short
Landscape Maintenance

As a landscaping company in Vienna, we handle all types of landscaping maintenance services with reliable results. The proper landscaping maintenance activity will help keep the outdoor area looking neat and fresh always. Our landscape maintenance is correctly done for our clients within the residential and commercial sectors in Vienna. So, if you would love to keep your landscape area looking good and retain its initial design, then we can help you carry out periodic maintenance or based on the schedule. Vienna Landscape maintenance involves tree pruning, planting of flowers, sidewalk, and edge curbing, and other related services.

shrubs in the garden
Commercial Property Maintenance

It is imperative that commercial property is maintained regularly to serve its purpose and enhance durability. We offer unique commercial property maintenance solutions for our clients in Vienna, VA, and its surrounding environment who owns commercial property. We help maintain and enhance the soil, test the water, and carry out other essential and indebted maintenance services to keep the landscape area intact. Our qualified landscaping experts carry out the commercial property maintenance service.

"I was confused about what design to select for my landscape. After I hired the Vienna landscape team, I was not convinced that they could handle my choice. But, they did it. Landscaping design that reminds me of the beauty in the world and nature." – Tasha D.

Call Us Today

Vienna Landscaping is committed to delivering superior landscaping services to interested clients. And also follow up on whatever service we render at a time. We have a team of customer success personnel passionate about providing first-hand solutions to any landscaping problem. We are always available to reply to your complaints, queries, and other requests as it concerns our service coverage. You can send a mail to us via the form on our website or call our hotlines if your request is extremely important.